Salvador Dali - Lit et deux tables de nuit attaquant férocement un violoncelle

Salvador Dali - Lit et deux tables de nuit attaquant férocement un violoncelle
Lithographie - Nachlassberechtigte Faksimileunterschrift - MDCCCXLVIII / MM - 1988

Chromolithograph - Signed, numbered, referenced
Sheet size: 65 x 50 cm
Image: 40 x 31 cm
Signed in the plate in the margin.
Numbered in pencil in Roman numerals:
Hand-crafted paper with fringed edges.
B.F.K Rives paper with watermark.
Very good condition. In near mint condition, straight from the box. Never exposed to light, never framed. Careful shipping in a large new roll to protect the work.
1983 for the original. One of the Master's last works
The offered lithograph is from 1988.
With the characteristic inimitable blind stamp of Dali’s publisher.
Published by ateliers Jobin, Paris
Sent by international mail with tracking.

The original dates from 1983.
Oil on canvas
60 x 73 cm
Unsigned, undated
Museo National Centro de Arte Reine Sofia, Madrid. Espagne.
Succession Dalí

Salvador Dali, is unanimously recognized as the greatest surrealist artist, one of the greatest artists of the 20th century and definitively the most charismatic. The work offered for sale is part of a collection, in addition to the most famous paintings and rarities by the artist, most of which are rarely or have never been seen. The collection consists mainly of lesser-known paintings and drawings from the many periods of one of the most prolific artists of our time.
Not all of these works are always the most "beautiful" in the aesthetic sense of the word, although in Dali's work, beauty is a constant. They are all interesting, very exciting, each one is representing a part of the journey of this artist who has an overflowing, abundant, delusional imagination. These are all testimonies of the history of this genuine creative genius.
To be discovered. With rare exceptions, I only own one copy of each.

Salvador Dali
Titel des Kunstwerks
Lit et deux tables de nuit attaquant férocement un violoncelle
Nachlassberechtigte Faksimile-Unterschrift
Wie neu
31×40 cm
50×65×50 cm
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