di Rosso, Shirow - Originele tekening The Cynja

di Rosso, Shirow - Originele tekening The Cynja
Shirow di Rosso - sehr gut

Original drawing donated by Shirow di Rosso.

Dimensions: 29.5 x 40 cm
Felt-tip pen

Who is Shirow di Rosso:
Stef Van Rossem is the 44-year-old Belgian behind Shirow Di Rosso. His first comic, The Cynja, first appeared on the other side of the globe, in the United States. At this moment, a second volume of the series has been released and volume 1 was translated to Dutch and Spanish. The Cynja is a cyber superhero (Cyber-Ninja) fighting against the bad guys on the internet: the ideal way to make children and adults aware of the dangers hidden behind all the fun online offers. Shirow’s art style is influenced by manga and US comics. Stef has released an art book, and is a hugely popular colourist. He currently colours Virus, Verbonden Zielen, both by artist Patrick Cornelis. He is also the permanent colourist for the comic series Amoras in collaboration with Charel Cambré
More info: www.mentalpictures.be

The proceeds of this auction will go entirely to two charities revolving around “De Warmste Week”.

1) "rolstoelbasket dienstenaanhuis Lions Zedelgem".
With the aim of purchasing sports equipment for G-athletes.
2) "vzw Animaltrust Melle" for the care for and placement of animals in distress.

Catawiki supports this fundraiser by facilitating this auction and not charging a seller commission. Many thanks to all who have selflessly donated items for lots.

di Rosso, Shirow
Originele tekening The Cynja
Sehr gut
Shirow di Rosso
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