18 kt Gelbgold, Weißgold - Ohrringe - Lila Chalcedon, weißer Muston

18 kt Gelbgold, Weißgold - Ohrringe - Lila Chalcedon, weißer Muston
Größe: 7.5 cm - Gesamtgewicht: 12.7 g

Original whimsical earrings in 18 kt yellow and white gold, with droplets and flowers of purple chalcedony and white moonstone.
These earrings are an original, one-of-a-kind creation by our designer and hand-crafted by an Italian artisan.
The earrings feature:
- 2 purple faceted chalcedony droplets, measuring 2 x 1.5 cm
- 2 purple flower-shaped chalcedony elements, diameter 1 cm
- 2 white faceted moonstone droplets, measuring 1 x 1 cm
- 2 white flower-shaped moonstone elements, diameter 1 cm
Total weight of earrings: 12.7 grams
Earring length: 7.5 cm

This item of jewellery will be sent in elegant packaging.
The lot will be perfectly packaged and shipped insured and tracked via a service specializing in transporting valuables. This service entails a slightly higher cost compared to a normal courier, but guarantees fast delivery and avoids the risk of loss or damage.
Any customs fees for destinations outside the European Union are to be paid by the buyer.

Gelbgold, Weißgold
Feingehalt des Materials
18 kt
7.5 cm
12.7 g
Umliegende Steine
Lila Chalcedon, weißer Muston
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