Munsinju / Kakudji Statuette - Kasongo - Kongo DRK

Munsinju / Kakudji Statuette - Kasongo - Kongo DRK
1. Hälfte des 20. Jahrhunderts - Vintage - benutzt mit sichtbaren Gebrauchsspuren

Munsinju/Kakudji Figurine - Kasongo - D.R Congo D.R Congo
Provenance: private collection, Belgium, S.M.
Dimensions: 24 x 7 cm.
Material: wood.

Ancient African Kakudji/Munsinju figurine, from a private Belgian collection, it was repatriated in 1946. Wonderful deep dark brown patina. A base in a conical form supports a slender trunk with solid rounded shoulders, the figure is flanked by its arms, which end in large hands placed on both sides of the abdomen.

The figure is crowned by a little head, with a triangular part of the face, bearing a goatee. The top of the head is largely hollowed to contain load, still remaining, with supernatural powers.

The Bena Kasongo are a little ethnic group from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Kakudji fetishes exist in many ethnic groups, like the Luba and the Kusu, which complicates their precise identification. According to Marc Leo Felix, these figurines are actually named Munsinju, and the shamans (Mugangas) placed these on a steel spike or kept these in a basket.

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Tags: mask, figurine, sculpture, figure, statuette, wood, art, contemporary, first, primitive, tribal, African, antiquity, artwork, gallery, Picasso, Giacometti, art gallery, African art, cubism.

Munsinju / Kakudji Statuette
Kongo DRK
1. Hälfte des 20. Jahrhunderts
Vintage - benutzt mit sichtbaren Gebrauchsspuren
Wird mit Ständer verkauft
24×7×0 cm
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