Gioielleria Corvino - 18 kt Weißgold - Halskette, Halskette mit Anhänger - 1.00 ct Diamant - Diamant

Gioielleria Corvino - 18 kt Weißgold - Halskette, Halskette mit Anhänger - 1.00 ct Diamant - Diamant
Größe: 50 cm - Gesamtgewicht: 11 g

Gioielleria Corvino presents:

Exclusive item of jewellery.

An authentic made in Italy artisan craftsmanship.
As it is handmade, it is not hallmarked but it has been tested for 18 kt gold and will be hallmarked before the shipment.

Crafted by Neapolitan master goldsmiths for Gioielleria Corvino.

Pendant features:

Weight: 11 g of 750 (18 kt) gold

Diamonds totalling 1.00 ct.

Diamond: colour F/VS1 - Cut: brilliant (round).

A genuine made in Italy item.

There are HD photos attached so that you can fully appreciate the beauty of the item.

Each piece is new, of artisan manufacture.
Made by Gioielleria Corvino.

Before being shipped, our items of jewellery undergo a thorough quality control.

Our jewellery comes with fantastic gift packaging, gemmology certificate and purchase receipt.
The last photo shows the package of this specific item of jewellery

If this item is not the right size
(with regards to the length of the necklace)
please go ahead with your purchase, complete the payment and then send us a message

Gioielleria Corvino will send you the ring in the correct size.

All shipments are carried out by DHL Express.
Secure, fast and insured shipping.

Make your purchase with total peace of mind.

Don't worry about the size, and start bidding; once the purchase is confirmed, send us a message and we will resize the ring or we will make a new one with the same specifications within one business day (this refers to the dimensions of the choker).

All the items photographed are display models; they may appear marked in the photos, but please be aware, this is only an effect of the photo.
You will receive a new item of jewellery with no marks or flaws. All our products go through a quality control process.

The item in new, unsold stock from a jeweller's.
Comes with gift packaging, certificate of originality and guarantee.

Don’t miss out.

Halskette, Halskette mit Anhänger
Feingehalt des Materials
18 kt
Gioielleria Corvino
50 cm
11 g
Gewicht Hauptstein (in Karat)
Umliegende Steine
Reinheitsgrad Diamant
VS1 / VS2
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