Wakizashi - Tamahagane - Antiek Japans zwaard ( wakizashi ) in koshirae. - Japan - 15. Jahrhundert

Wakizashi - Tamahagane - Antiek Japans zwaard ( wakizashi ) in koshirae. - Japan - 15. Jahrhundert
Guter Zustand, siehe Beschreibung - 2×3×39 cm

Antique Japanese sword (shinogi-zukuri wakizashi) in koshirae, Muromachi period (15th century). The blade is signed "lenaga", has old polish and fine scratches and stains, "ubu nakago" (not shortened). Length "nagasa": 39.5 cm, "motogasane": 5 mm, "motohaba": 2.7 cm, total length in koshirae: 60.5 cm. There are no visible forging flaws, no chips or cracks, no curve in the blade and the 'cutting edge' is sharp. The koshirae has minor signs of wear, nice kogatana and the beautiful set of 'kodogu' (sword fittings) are a nice finish for this wakizashi. Insured shipping (Russia and China are excluded).
I have added many photos of the item, so please make your assessment based on the photos. The sword stand is not part of this auction.

We have tried to verify the signature as good as possible, the signature on the sword is not verified because there is no NBTHK or NTHK origami (certification paper) present with the sword.

To be reasonably sure about the maker of a specific sword, it is necessary to submit the sword to one of the most important Japanese sword study groups (NBTHK or NTHK) for shinsa (inspection). These organisations will judge the sword and draw up documents (origami) describing the authenticity and/or historic value of the sword.

The sale, purchase and ownership of weapons is subject to national laws and regulations. Please make sure you are familiar with your country's laws and regulations BEFORE placing a bid. Selling weapons to people under 18 is prohibited. By placing a bid, you declare that you are 18 years or older, and that you have verified that you are legally permitted to purchase such items in your country.

15. Jahrhundert
Herkunftsregion/ Herkunftsland
Künstler/ Schöpfer
Titel des Kunstwerks
Antiek Japans zwaard ( wakizashi ) in koshirae.
Guter Zustand, siehe Beschreibung
2×3×39 cm
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