Italienischer Sportwagen Spiegel - Orgineel - 2002

Italienischer Sportwagen Spiegel - Orgineel - 2002
gut - 85×95×125 mm - Metall

A set of very nice Italian sports mirrors as used on classic Alfa, Lancia and Fiat cars in the sixties and seventies.

So-called 'Bullet’, because of the shape of the mirror.
Which resembles the shape of a bullet.

This design dates from the sixties.
The mirrors were manufactured after 2000.

High-quality chrome on metal casing.
The mirror is made of glass.

This set of mirrors can be mounted on a door or front screen.
The diameter of the mirror is 95 mm.
Length of the mirror is 125 mm.

The mirror can be set and locked with an
adjusting screw at the front.

Will be delivered with special rubber feet to prevent the paintwork
of the car from getting damaged.

A very nice set of mirrors for a classic car from the 1960s
and seventies.

Art des Objekts
Italienischer Sportwagen Spiegel
Qualität (Automobilia)
Original/ offiziell
Modell/ Titel
85×95×125 mm
Jahr (jüngstes Objekt)
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