Emblem / mascot - Chrysis by Etling Paris dated - 1930

Emblem / mascot - Chrysis by Etling Paris dated - 1930
1 items - Good - 15×13×5 cm - Bronze

Very rare and hard to find bronze car mascot Chrysis by Etling Paris.

This is possible the bronze which was used to create the molds for the René Lalique “CHRYSIS"
car mascot / hood ornament.
Very Rare.
It represents a kneeling woman leaning backwards with hands behind her head and windswept flowing hair.
Size 5.25 inch (13cms) tall and 6 inches (15cms) in length for the figurine only.
This French accessory mascot was originally designed by Rene Lalique.
Marked: "Etling Paris"

Etling - Edmond Laurent Etling,
La Societe Anonyme Edmond Etling was founded in 1909, at his foundry he produced top quality ornamental items, where you could buy the most exclusive art objects of that time including bronze, and bronze and ivory statues, ceramics and glass.

Made of hollow cast bronze.
Mounted on a dog bone radiator cap.

Art des Objekts
Emblem/ Kühlerfigur
Qualität (Automobilia)
Original/ offiziell
Modell/ Titel
Chrysis by Etling Paris dated
15×13×5 cm
Jahr (jüngstes Objekt)
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