Spätrömisch / Frühbyzantinisch Keramik Lampe mit Striding Eros/Cupido

Spätrömisch / Frühbyzantinisch Keramik Lampe mit Striding Eros/Cupido
Late Roman, early Byzantine, 375-500 AD

Roman red-ware lamp with a naïvely rendered Eros/cupido (see the little wings on his back) striding to the right. The figure is flanked by filling holes.
Hayes type I. Branches on the shoulder, a vestigial rim around the discus and the nozzle channel.
For a lamp of similar shape and size, cf. Q1743, p. 193, pl. 18 in: Donald M. Bailey. A Catalogue of the Lamps in the British Museum. Vol. 3. Roman Provincial Lamps. London 1988.

Size: L. 11.6 cm, D. 7.7 cm
Material: Ceramic
Culture: Late Roman, North Africa, 375-500 AD
Condition: Intact, except for a tiny chip out of the wick hole. Fine condition.

Provenance: Swiss private collection Geneva, acquired between 1961 and 1965. Thence art market Geneva, June 2018 sale.
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Spätrömisch / Frühbyzantinisch
Lampe mit Striding Eros/Cupido
Jahrhundert/ Zeitraum
Late Roman, early Byzantine, 375-500 AD
Guter Zustand, geringfügiger Schaden
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