Fernand Verhaegen (1883-1975) - Les Gilles

Fernand Verhaegen (1883-1975) - Les Gilles
Öl auf Leinwand - Handsigniert - ongeveer 1920

This is a version of the paintings with which Fernand Verhaegen has been successful. An impressionistic representation of a group of Gilles during the carnival. The painting may be a little dirty, but is in good original condition. The frame has also been painted by Fernand. This one deserves some attention (see the pictures).

Wikipedia: Fernand Verhaegen (Marchienne-au-Pont 1883 - Montignies-le-Tilleul 1975) was a Walloon-Belgian painter. His birth name was Fernand Verraghen. Before the First World War, he exhibited in all the major exhibitions in Belgium, as well as at Galerie Georges Giroux and La Libre Esthétique. During the war, he was in England and then in France until his return to Brussels in 1919.

His style was impressionistic and he evolved towards a more synthetic form during the twenties and thirties.
His work has also been exhibited abroad. It has been found in the Venice Biennale in 1920 and 1922.

He specialised very early on in the performance of Walloon festivals and folklore, such as Carnival of Binche. He was soon called "the painter of the Gilles of Binche".
Verhaegen's works can be found in museums in Antwerp, Mons, Brussels, Charleroi, Ixelles, Geneva, Grenoble, Indianapolis and Liege.

ongeveer 1920
Fernand Verhaegen (1883-1975)
Titel des Kunstwerks
Les Gilles
Öl auf Leinwand
In gutem Gesamtzustand
Verkauf mit Rahmen
750×500 mm
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