Industal, Mohenjo Daro Terrakotta Große Vase

Industal, Mohenjo Daro Terrakotta Große Vase
c. 2500-2400 B.C.

Large vase decorated in black and red with two winged griffins on either side, each with lion’s body and eagle’s head.

Size: 18 cm H - 7 1/16 inches
Material: Terracotta
Culture: Indus-Valley, Mohenjo Daro, c. 2500-2400 B.C.
Condition: Repaired overpainted

Provenance: Private UK collection, acquired from gallery Polo, London in 2002, previously in a private collection of a UK gentleman.
The seller guarantees that this item has been legally acquired & will be legally exported, related documents seen by Catawiki.
This item do not need an export licence within the EU.
The seller will inform the buyer if it needs a UK export licence outside the EU

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Industal, Mohenjo Daro
Große Vase
Jahrhundert/ Zeitraum
c. 2500-2400 B.C.
Repariert und übermalt
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