18 kt Gelbgold, Gold - Armband Lapislazuli

18 kt Gelbgold, Gold - Armband Lapislazuli
Größe: 21 cm - Gesamtgewicht: 20 g

18 kt gold bracelet.

750/1000 yellow gold bracelet, both polished and tooled.

The item is made of a link bracelet with polished and knurled elements. The elements are hollow. Some are moveable. Near the clasp there are 4 cone-shaped elements of lapis lazuli.
It is a very common practice to treat gemstones to intensify their clarity or colour. The item in question has not been tested in this regard.

Total item weight: 20 g of 18 kt gold.

Item dimensions: length 21 cm. Approximate diameter at the outermost part: 6.5 mm.

The item is new and has never been worn. With only a few minor, storage-related marks.

As you can see in the photos, the item features the gold hallmark (750‰).

Items made entirely in Italy by Italian manufacturers.

The photos are an integral part of the description.

Insured shipping.
Shipping via Poste Italiane or UPS, depending on the type of product and/or country of destination.
Online tracking on the courier's website.
The shipping cost also includes the cost of packaging, filling, and presentation in a jewellery box.
The shipment will be insured and will therefore arrive in approximately 12 business days.

Please remember that Catawiki auction costs and shipping costs will apply to your bid. Please only bid if you are interested.

Thank you.

Gelbgold, Gold
Feingehalt des Materials
18 kt
21 cm
20 g
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