Eduard Duldner (1960-) - The Cathedral Antwerp

Eduard Duldner (1960-) - The Cathedral Antwerp
Öl auf Leinwand - Handsigniert - 1995

Oil on canvas by the Romanian painter Eduard Duldner, born in Bucharest on 4th November 1960. He took classes at the University of Art in Bucharest.
Dated 1995 on the back of the canvas.
Canvas is in very good condition.
Dimensions with frame 67 x 62 cm.
Dimensions without frame are 50 x 45 cm.

Has already exhibited internationally, in Romania as well as in Belgium, Germany and Italy (see the following overview):
2007 Romania, Bucharest, Senso Gallery; 2005 Romania, Bucharest, Caminul Artei Gallery; 1996 Belgium, Diest, Lackenhal; 1995 Belgium, Diest, Begijnhof; 1995 Belgium, Tessenderloo, Cultureel Centrum; 1995 Belgium, Lint, De Witte Merel. Group exhibitions: 2016 Romania, Bucharest, Senso Gallery Summer Art Fair; 2014 Germany, Essen, Contemporary Art Ruhr; 2014 Romania, Bucharest, Senso Gallery; 2000 Italy, Venice, Romanian Institute for Culture and Humanistic Research; 1998 Romania, Bucharest, Latine America House; 1997 Romania, Bucharest, Apollo Gallery; 1996 Italy, Venice, Romanian Institute for Culture and Humanistic Research; 1995 Romania, Bucharest, National Theater 3 /4, Municipal Art Exhibition; 1993 Romania, Bucharest, Dalles Gallery. Paintings, Graphic, and Icons in private and state collections: Romania, Belgium,Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, USA

Eduard Duldner (1960-)
Titel des Kunstwerks
The Cathedral Antwerp
Öl auf Leinwand
In gutem Zustand
Verkauf mit Rahmen
50×45 cm
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