Heemskerk Lexicon Hollandse Schilders en - Veilingopbrengsten op CD-rom

Heemskerk Lexicon Hollandse Schilders en - Veilingopbrengsten op CD-rom
Unverzichtbar für jeden Liebhaber der Malerei - Direkt vom Verlag / Autor - 2019

Heemskerk Lexicon Hollandse Schilderkunst is a burned CD-ROM that reads like a book on your PC with 7125 pages and 5128 appendices. It contains information on more than 7000 Dutch and 450 Flemish painters. It is the only Dutch database of proceeds per painting, sold at auctions in the Netherlands. Indispensable for the valuation of each painting that you own, want to buy or sell.

With 20 years of auction proceeds from 20 auction houses of more than 7000 painters,
3000 pictures of original signatures and 250 monograms.
With 5000 biographies, many of which are very extensive.
With 500 websites of painters and on the art of painting.
An encyclopedia of 500 topics of Dutch painting.
1 free help desk.

Now also including 450 Flemish masters and independent artists. Romanticism, Impressionism, Haagse School, Larense School, Bergense school, Groninger Ploeg, Amsterdamse School, Abstract and Contemporary.

Extra !!!! Extra free website for auction proceeds of all painters, all over the world, without additional costs.

The digital lexicon that has been used by almost all appraisers, auctioneers, art dealers, museum curators and collectors for many years.

For Windows only (does not work on Apple computers). See www.schilderijen-site.nl. The CD will be sent by regular post.

Heemskerk Lexicon Hollandse Schilders en
Titel des Kunstwerks
Veilingopbrengsten op CD-rom
Unverzichtbar für jeden Liebhaber der Malerei
Direkt vom Verlag / Autor
Neue gebrannte CD-ROM
Verkauf mit Rahmen
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