Tara - Versilberte Bronze - Tibet - Ende des 20. Jahrhunderts

Tara - Versilberte Bronze - Tibet - Ende des 20. Jahrhunderts
Guter Zustand, siehe Beschreibung - 21×15×10 cm

Tara is one of the most popular deities in Nepal and Tibet. She represents mercy and compassion, as well as wisdom. This example shows White Tara, therefore standing for wisdom. As is iconographically typical, Tara is sitting in lotus seat on a triangular lotus base (which corresponds with the shape of the legs), only her right foot is projecting from this and is resting on a flower in front of the base. Tara is holding her right hand in granting gesture, with flowers growing out of her arms. Her physical beauty is accentuated by the golden highlights on her crown, robe, earings, etc.

White silver plated bronze with gold patin
Size: 21,8 x 15 x 10 cm
Condition: Darker areas, such as the lap, are simply not polished.

Will be professionally packed and sent with UPS (outside the Schengen area with DHL), or can be picked up in Berlin, Germany.

Versilberte Bronze
Ende des 20. Jahrhunderts
Herkunftsregion/ Herkunftsland
Guter Zustand, siehe Beschreibung
21×15×10 cm
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