Alessio Bonini - Studio gestuale TAV II

Alessio Bonini - Studio gestuale TAV II
Mixed Media, Öl auf Karton - Handsigniert, Künstlerstempel - 1 - 2019

Tavola II di serie realizzata a olio e acrilico con finitura extra lucida.
Firmato su fronte/retro e convalidato da timbro su passepartout.
Fornito con cornice e protezione anti graffio.

His contacts with Art were early and encouraged by his grandfather, Franco G. Mr. Rossi, in art Francus, who had worked with Bertesca Gallery in Genoa during his career, worked with artists like Warhol, Lichtenstein, D'Arcangelo and many others.
During childhood - a time when the entire perceptual world is filled with powerful chromatic suggestive and captivating forms, Alexy gets his first success by attending some art and poetry competitions. In koaddition, grandfather’s family figure has been and still is a flywheel of artistic growth and the basis of his paintings.
He grows by breathing art, imbuing himself with colors and nuances that allow him to fuel the inner fire of his creativity.
Despite his young age, the artist already has a number of exhibitions dedicated to his artistic work on his website. Here, two Liguri events are remembered: the Bipri he manages and performed in Brugne at the Galleria de P.zza Brosini for a period of five years and the exhibition of his most provocative work entitled ‘The Incubator’ at the Lia Museum of La Spezia.
This bronze and plexiglass installation has in fact provoked a strong public reaction in relation to the message it was carrying. "The relationship between the inner world and the outside world", a theme that has been continually discussed throughout the artist's production to date.
Continuing his studies, first as a pupil at the Cardarelli art high school and later as a shop apprentice at the Artist - Professor Massimo Bertonati, Alexio is familiar with and specializes in the use of technical specifications such as dripping and spatula.Through the use of colors, Alexy has gradually developed a special capacity to impress upon the wild landscape, which is also characterized by its profound nature. significant chromatic climax that lead the observer to embark on an emotional - subjective and inner - journey through the canvas which, in this sense, becomes a contaminant and interactive work of art.
It is no coincidence that the artist personally runs the Emotional Painting course at the Art Gallery - a laboratory he himself founded and called Carneviola Art Gallery & Creative LAB in his city.
Carneviola is a reality he called a "creative lung" because it is defined as a living creature that has begun to breathe and express itself since June 2018, basing its exhibition and laboratory activities on a social project that brings art as an evolutionary state to every aspect of human life.Carneviola, through the energies of his creator, absorbed the most profitable inspirations from the experiences of the City of Art by Michelangelo Pistoretto and the Weimarian myth of the Bauhaus.
These artistic appearances are fundamental to Alexy’s own formation, so much so that they are constantly paid tribute through the existence of Carneviola and the activities promoted within it

Titel des Kunstwerks
Studio gestuale TAV II
Mixed Media, Öl auf Karton
Handsigniert, Künstlerstempel
40×30×1,5 cm
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