925 Bernstein - Armband

925 Bernstein - Armband
Größe: 60 mm - Gesamtgewicht: 35.7 g

Very elegant beautiful handmade 925 Silver bracelet of Baltic ruby amber, classic design, made in Germany.

The ruby amber on the bracelet is Baltic amber and has been cut from each single piece of original natural amber. (it's not pressed amber. Pressed amber are much cheaper.) The amber is also not treated with any method and not dyed, 100% natural old amber.

You would see variations, visibly different color tones from intense red to red-brown during weathering.
"Ruby red butterscotch amber is rarer than the common butterscotch amber, as described on Wikipedia".

In normal daylight or artificial light, this bracelet remains ruby red at all times. It appears lighter in bright light, but the marbling can be seen better.

The last picture show the amber changing color under UV light.

Amber classification: 1AAA
Place of origin of amber: Baltic Sea.
Age of the amber: 40-50 million years
Gemstone: selected Baltic amber
Color: ruby red, perfect color
Unique piece: yes
Bracelet interior diameter: 60 mm
Size of amber: 53 mm * 34 mm
Net weight: 35.7 g

The item will be shipped well-packaged and by registered post.

Please note: we guarantee that this item is made of 100% natural precious amber, authentic, untreated, and not dyed! Contains no additional materials, adhesives, synthetics, varnish or anything similar. Has also been appraised and tested for value and authenticity by a certified jeweler.

Bidders need to be aware that several countries do not allow importing objects derived from endangered and other protected species, even if a certificate of origin is provided. By bidding, you confirm that you have familiarized yourself with customs laws and regulations of your own country.

60 mm
35.7 g
Guter Zustand - mit Gebrauchsspuren
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