Zwei Vintage Likörflaschen mit Spieluhr - Glas, Kupfer, Metall

Zwei Vintage Likörflaschen mit Spieluhr - Glas, Kupfer, Metall
Schweiz oder Deutschland? - 1950-1974

Liquor bottle in metal with a helmet as stopper, which probably also refers to the weapon at the front.
This is a shield with a lion and a crown above it.
At the bottom the melody: "Raindrops keep falling on my head".
Height bottle including stopper 26 cm, circumference 29 cm.

Liqueur bottle in cognac-coloured glass, laced with golden threads and finished with copper.
Melody is fun and sweet, but do not know what is being played.
Height bottle including stopper 33 cm, circumference 37 cm.

Both bottles in working and in vintage condition.
They are wound-up at the bottom with a key and stop playing when they are put down.

The bottles will be carefully packaged and shipped with track and trace.

Zwei Vintage Likörflaschen mit Spieluhr
Glas, Kupfer, Metall
Geschätzter Zeitraum
Schweiz oder Deutschland?
Guter Zustand - gebraucht, mit geringfügigen Altersspuren & Mängeln
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