Not Not Banksy/STOT21stcplanB - Operation saturation

Not Not Banksy/STOT21stcplanB - Operation saturation
Siebdruck/ Serigraphie - 300 - 2018

Multi colores screenprint on cardboard

When Banksy met Russian artist Kazimir Malevich in 1913 he jokingly gave him a painting of a black square as a friendly dig at the earnest radical’s minimal Suprematist paintings. In 1915 Malevich copied Banksy’s joke painting and his Black Squares* went on to be the most radical revolutionary works of art ever made. Banksy was gutted. Until then he had been an ardent champion of figurative painting with a penchant for bucolic landscape scenes, believing observation of nature to be the cornerstone of art, but that all changed over-night. Following the success of Malevich’s Black Square he turned his own hand to abstraction under various pseudonyms (Piet Mondrian and Mark Rothkok being a couple of the more notable ones), until – realising the pointlessness of it all – he finally gave up painting altogether in 1970, faked his death and went on to become a successful rare breeds pig farmer in Somerset. It was only when his old friend Blek le Rat managed to track him down in the early 1990’s, and got him to help with some stencil graffiti, that Banksy once again got the fire in his belly and realised that this new art form was his true calling. The rest, as they say, is history. Banksy became one of the most important cultural innovators and influencer of the early 21stcentury, with many poor imitators, copyists and outright fakers taking to the streets and galleries of the world under the banner of so-called Urban Art.

Not Not Banksy/STOT21stcplanB
Titel des Kunstwerks
Operation saturation
Siebdruck/ Serigraphie
50×42 cm
Verkauf mit Rahmen
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