Julien Schaeverbeke - Jardin Giverny

Julien Schaeverbeke - Jardin Giverny
Öl auf Leinwand - Handsigniert - 1925

Julien Schaeverbeke (1896) - Jardin Giverny - 1925

In September 1917 Julien Schaeverbeke had a very peculiar encounter. One beautiful autumn day he was painting along the banks of the Seine when he was suddenly addressed by an elderly man who seemed to be interested in the painting young man and who told him that he himself was in Vernon to paint the church. The man invited Julien Schaeverbeke to his home and it turned out to be none other than Claude Monet, the great French master whose canvas "Impression" at an exhibition in Paris in 1874 heralded the Impressionism. Claude Monet lived in Giverny on the banks of the Epte in a beautiful domain with lots of water on which huge quantities of water lilies flourished. ("Le bassin aux nymphéas" has become one of Monet's most famous canvases). Claude Monet and his daughter-in-law Blanche told us about their friends, and that they were not the slightest ones, as soon as we see that all the great Impressionists were there: Manet, Bazille, Sisley, Renoir, Pissaro, Corat, Cézanne, Toulouse, Lautree, Courbet, Van Gogh and others. Georges Clemenceau, then president of France, also belonged to the circle of friends and Julien Schaeverbeke was there when he was buried on 5 December 1926.

Julien Schaeverbeke worked for a long time as a gardener in the domain of Monet and let his work be influenced by both the environment and Monet himself.

Once you have seen your work, you can distinguish it from all the others. There are eight canvases of his work in the possession of the Belgian state and his works have been awarded several times. He exhibited in Brussels at the Centre for Fine Arts, in Paris at Studio La Palette d'or on the boulevard Montparnasse, in Etampes in France, Courtrai, Liège, Ostend and especially in Bruges and St.-Kruis. 

It has some stamps on the back.

What a special work this is with an equally fascinating history. It was made a year before Monet's death.

Will be carefully shipped with track and trace.

Julien Schaeverbeke
Titel des Kunstwerks
Jardin Giverny
Öl auf Leinwand
50×40 cm
Verkauf mit Rahmen
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