Patek Philippe - Elektrische Hauptuhr AD 10 SN - Prototype by Patek Philippe - Plastik, Stahl, Stahl (rostfrei), Unbekannt - Zweite Hälfte des 20. Jahrhunderts

Patek Philippe - Elektrische Hauptuhr AD 10 SN - Prototype by Patek Philippe - Plastik, Stahl, Stahl (rostfrei), Unbekannt - Zweite Hälfte des 20. Jahrhunderts
Elektrisch 220 Volt - Unendliches Werk - Nicht schlagend

Gorgeous collector's item . NOT available in retail -not intended for sale . Great collector's value for luxury watch collectors . Very rare item . Perfect for putting it on your Office desk / Table for your collection

• Low Reserve Price

• 100% Original Patek Philippe - in 1839 established Swiss manufacture of luxury watches located in Geneve
• We guarantee the authenticity

• This is an incredibly rare Main piece / heart piece prototype of a then innovative and new electric clock - Mod. AD 10 SN Serie 3398 - - the market segment of electric watches was quickly rejected by Patek Philippe and was never intended for sale! - and is thus a unique chance to get a rare piece of contemporary history

• Mod. AD 10 SN similar or as the main part of the famous "World timer Tower" clocks that were produced at this time for advertising purposes (see internet - there are still very few (3-5 pieces) copies thereof . Otherwise, you will only find similar pieces in the Patek Philippe museum

• Unfortunately, this clock is Working ( we think it is Maybe full working / completely intact - but we are not sure / on the Display only stand 0 0000 ) .

please note: the clock is running, but we do not know if it works exactly or how to set it - we can not give any help in using this clock!

We were in the patek philippe branch in luxembourg - there we were confirmed the authenticity - a certificate can not be created because this watch is a prototype, and was never officially intended for sale, unfortunately, no official document of the authenticity of patek philippe to get
• Made from precious Steel & Resin / Plastic
• Size ratios - front panel: high 13,3cm x width 48,5 cm/ blue plastic part: length: 24,6 cm x width 43,3 cm x height: 13,3cm
• Weight ca 5700 grams (with cable )
• including a European 220v cable
• Great workmanship, many valuable Details !
• Perfect Gift / Christmas Gift for a sophisticated business man or woman with style or for yourself or Highlight of your Office desk
• Good conditions with small scince of wear for a c 60 years old Clock

• International Bidders Welcome - Worldwide insurance / registered Shipping from Germany !

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Supplementary imprint :

Patek Philippe - Elektrische Hauptuhr AD 10 SN
Name des Modells
Prototype Electric Clock
Plastik, Stahl, Stahl (rostfrei), Unbekannt
Elektrisch 220 Volt
Unendliches Werk
Nicht schlagend
Prototype by Patek Philippe
Geschätzter Zeitraum
Zweite Hälfte des 20. Jahrhunderts
Hervorragender Zustand - kaum gebraucht, mit minimalen Altersspuren & Verschleißerscheinungen
5700 g
133 mm
246 mm
433 mm
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