Leitz Prado 150 mit Vintage-Stativ inkl. Stilvollen Dias!

Leitz Prado 150 mit Vintage-Stativ inkl. Stilvollen Dias!
Deutschland - 1950-1974 - In sehr gutem Zustand!

Leitz (Leica) Prado 150 on a vintage tripod, great designer item.
Including 4 stylish (sexy) slides, everything in very good, original condition.

Serial number is: 262846
Year of manufacture: 1960

This lot also includes the wooden vintage tripod that can easily be attached to and detached from the projector. Maximum height of the whole set is approx. 130 cm. Thanks to the ball joint the projector can be set in various positions.

The vintage projector emits an enormous amount of light, as can be seen in the photos. The 4 stylish slides that are shown in the photos are included and make this projector with tripod look great in a vintage/industrial setting. The original HEKTOR 85-mm lens projects the slides/films from a short distance onto your wall, life-sized and dead sharp.

The package will be sent with care and promptly after payment has been received.

PS: I would advise bidders from China to have a good look at the custom regulations before placing a bid

Leitz Prado 150 mit Vintage-Stativ inkl. Stilvollen Dias!
In sehr gutem Zustand!
Geschätzter Zeitraum
Hervorragender Zustand - kaum gebraucht, mit minimalen Altersspuren & Verschleißerscheinungen
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