jp malot - Trooper Gold

jp malot - Trooper Gold
Schablone - 20 - 2019

Real original painting hand signed by the artist. This is not a print!

This an unique paiting from a very limited serial (Gold) of 20 numbered and signed during 2019.

The artwork is a composition painted with stencils, acrylic and additions of the artist with markers and pens. Signed in composition and at the back

The work is sold with an official certificate of authenticity, signed by the artist and the gallery.

The delivery is in a tube between silk paper, in to a protective box square post of the European standards, colissimo with tracking numbers and insurance included.

Bio artist:
Born in 1973, his attended a school of artistic and technical drawing for two years. But finding the school too academic for his taste, he left the school and returned to his passion for spray painting and worked in the decoration of parades, fashion storefronts, palisade during a grafitti expo of the gallery of Agnes B, in addition to frequenting wastelands which was sort of a cult of the time.

Being influenced by the biggest graffitti artits during his teenage years in Paris (Steph, Jonone, Futura 2000) and by the books «Subway Art» and «Spray Can Art» by the end of the 80s and beginning of 90s, he was attracted by the drawings and sketches of the great masters as well. He became increasingly interested also in the abstract work of Paul Jerkins and its colors, and claims today completely being part of the underground culture.

His techniques are mixed, combining collage, aerosol, painting, stencil, serigraphy, markers, acrylics, drawings and sculpted objects like his grenades in pop colors which he posts in the streets or sticks to other objects, visual and pseudonyms that serve as diverse tags or signatures in order to mislead his followers...

We can find his work in cities like Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, Palma, Malaga, Marbella, Ibiza, Rome, Naples, London, Galsgow, Edinbourgh, Beijing, as well as among amateurs and collectors of urban art like in Beverly Hills, London, Berlin, New York and Tokyo.

jp malot
Titel des Kunstwerks
Trooper Gold
Wie neu
70×50 cm
70×50×0 cm
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