Alvaro Monnini - Viaggio all'interno

Alvaro Monnini - Viaggio all'interno
Siebdruck/ Serigraphie - Signiert - Alberto Schubert - 1972

Rare folder entitled ‘Viaggio all'interno’ with 6 lithographs with edition of 40 copies by master Alvaro Monnini from 1972, this is copy no. 6.

folder includes 6 lithographs signed and numbered by hand by the artist, printed in premium and heavy 350 g 100% cotton paper.
Work was published by Alberto Schubert in Milan, preface inside by Silvio Ceccato.

Lithographic folder published and certified also on the website of current Schubert gallery in Milan (please see catalogue from page 34)

- Size 70x50 cm each lithograph

Graphic work is in perfect condition

Please note: Shipping with professional packaging.

Biographical notes:
He was born in Florence on 26th August 1922. In 1947 in Florence, together with Vinicio Berti and then Mario Nuti, he founded the group of abstract painters ‘Arte oggi’, which is part of the broader scene of the post-war Italian avant-garde (see MAC, Forma 1). The movement culminated in the 1950s with the ‘Manifesto dell’Astrattismo Classico’, drawn up by Ermanno Migliorini and signed by the five artists who later split up the group. Stylistically, this period was characterised by extreme formal rigour, manifested in the choice of pure geometric forms, the result of intense design work aimed at producing works of great static balance and at the same time dynamic tension, with the intent of dominating pure form to construct a new and rational art. In the Sixties, when he moved to Milan, he approached informal experience and created figures with organic features: first he ripped through the space in large spatula strokes that described the anguish of a cosmic genesis that fermented into us and the universe around us; then, in the second half of this decade, he organised the canvas into surfaces ordered by irregular contours, related and containing evocative allusions because they were woven with reminiscent elements that called for elementary life forms, cave paintings. On other occasions they look like the walls of a firing squad or suddenly take on the intensity of a glance, something that refers to the heads of Fautrier. In the early Seventies he manages to codify a real language of evocative forms; in the paintings more ambiguous and complex spaces are created. It is one of the most disturbing and fascinating productions by the artist in this period. The painting becomes a space in which even the layman finds analogies and means of comparison with his own inner experience. This period culminated with the exhibition ‘I Demoni’ (1970) at the Schubert Gallery in Milan, with the critique by the cybernetics scholar Silvio Ceccato. In the second half of the Seventies there was a return to the geometric form and an interest in the scientific analysis of perception of space, in the belief that the apparent reality has uncertain points of contact with a hypothetical objective reality. These researches culminated in 1979 with the exhibition ‘Spazi’ at the Castello Sforzesco in Milan (with Kirby and Otero) and the presentation of the TVS effect (‘Trasformazione Visuale Solidi’), as well as with the elaboration of a new method of perspective of valid application to the interior and design, topics always dear to the artist (the ‘Monnini’ method of perspective). In the same years he was a professor of theory of form, theory of colour and descriptive geometry at the Istituto Superiore di Architettura e Design in Milan. These studies continue in the Eighties with some achievements in the field of design and architecture (some sets of upholstery for wall and floor, a series of doors that ‘open new spaces’ while closing, a custom installation for a meeting room at Snam Progetti in Assago, Milan). In 1982, upon request of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, which organised a collection of self-portraits by the most representative Italian artists, he made and gave his self-portrait in a coherent key to the latest research on psychoplastic surfaces associated with the theory of colour. Finally, in 1986, one year before his death, convinced by the renewed need to communicate a certain lyricism, he decided to produce a series of works that fatally took on the appearance of a summary of his previous experiences: geometric rigour, formal introspection and the science of perception.

Alvaro Monnini
Titel des Kunstwerks
Viaggio all'interno
Siebdruck/ Serigraphie
Alberto Schubert
70×50 cm
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