Lambertus de Jong (1919-2005) - Winter in het bos

Lambertus de Jong (1919-2005) - Winter in het bos
Öl auf Leinwand - 2e helft 20e eeuw

A truly beautiful winter face in the forest with a stream.
Painter has used beautiful light effects that give the work of art a very special appearance.
The beautiful large canvas is framed with a beautiful valuable and certainly matching gallery frame.

Because of the size of the work, the whole thing can't be shipped.
Therefore it has to be picked-up.

Who is Lambertus de Jong?
Born in Amsterdam in 1919. Passed away in 2005.
Education: self-taught.
In 1940 he fled to Amsterdam in the middle of the bombing of Rotterdam. Here the possibilities to sell his works was better. Although he was in danger because he was Jewish, he did not go underground but painted under his pseudonym. Selling his work to the rest of the world also continues as usual.
As a painter, he became more and more famous for his forest and heathland landscapes, after which he started to specialize in seascapes. Especially this category, that includes this piece, is sold to an international clientele.
During the last years of his life, Lambertus only painted abstracts; long into old age.

2e helft 20e eeuw
Lambertus de Jong (1919-2005)
Titel des Kunstwerks
Winter in het bos
Öl auf Leinwand
In sehr gutem Zustand
Verkauf mit Rahmen
120×100 cm
140×120×6 cm
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