Karel Van Lerberghe (1893-1953) - Winter in Lissewege

Karel Van Lerberghe (1893-1953) - Winter in Lissewege
Öl auf Karton - Hand signed - jaren '50

Oil painting on board by Karel Van Lerberghe.
Winter landscape. In Lissewege.
The painting is in perfect condition.
Signature at the bottom left.
Simple frame (with discoloration due to old age; not disturbing).
Dimensions panel: 30 by 40 cm. Framed 39 x 49 cm.

From Arto:

Karel VAN LERBERGHE , Woumen 1893 - Gent 1953. Painter and watercolourist of landscapes and cityscapes. Education at the Academies of Diksmuide (from 1908 on wards), Brussels and Antwerp (1911-1913). He spent World War I at the front and is a member of ‘Kunst een den Ijzer’. Is exhibited at De Panne in 1916-17-18. His war production (watercolours) were almost completely destroyed during the offensive of 1918. He had a short training at the Academy of Gent. Was appointed as the town clerk of Woumen (until 1927) and took part in the reconstruction of his village. He painted severely stylized landscapes with great poetic evocative power. Fair painting of vast landscapes executed in a soft greyish colour and with a light touch. Worked in his native region, around Lissewege and by Ghent and also in South France. He also painted some still lifes with flowers and seascapes. Was active in numerous artistic organisations including being the Vice President of the Ghent Art salons. Work in the museums of Brussels, Ghent and Leuven.

jaren '50
Karel Van Lerberghe (1893-1953)
Titel des Kunstwerks
Winter in Lissewege
Öl auf Karton
In sehr gutem Zustand
Verkauf mit Rahmen
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