Tshibola Mutterschaft - Sehr dichtes Laubholz der Familie Uapaca - Lwena - Angola

Tshibola Mutterschaft - Sehr dichtes Laubholz der Familie Uapaca - Lwena - Angola
Es stammt aus der Zeit um 1930 - 1940. - Guter Zustand, mit Gebrauchsspuren

Splendid Tshibola Maternity – Lwena – Angola

In fine state. Small age cracks to base and hairdo. It dates back to around 1930 – 1940.

Provenance: Ex – collection of Jean Dierickx, Brussels; bought from him in his gallery by H. Westerdijk around 1975.

Suku or tshibola ( tshisola) figures are a standard theme in the total corpus of Chokwe – Lunda art and can be found among other branches of this vast complex, especially also among the Lwena .This mother and child sculpture is a classic piece, both in the hairdo ( Tota ) as well as in the way the child is represented and positioned in the arms of its mother. The huge tota coiffure, which works most like a flattened turban, is very much characteristic for Lwena art. The active child and the rather aloof mama are a constant contrast in Lwena sculpture. The details, executed in very hard and dense wood, are finely sculpted and rather naturalistic in nature. Such figures were given in loan by religious specialists, when all other remedies had failed, to couples who sought to have progeny. A very fine and old specimen with a charming hand patina from much oiling, rubbing and handling.

Literature: M.L. Felix: Ritual Figures in Congo, Hongkong, 2018, pp. 208 – 209.

Dimensions: 37 x 12 x 14 cm.
Region /People: The Lwena live in the border area of N.W. Angola and the D.R.C.
Material: very dense hardwood of the Uapaca family.
Weight: 0.992 kg.

Sold with handwritten declaration of authenticity by Dr. P. Westerdijk, museum ethnologist and cultural anthropologist specialized, for over 50 years now, in the study of the material cultures in African nations that live south of the Sahara.
Due to bad experiences with carriers, we opted for one reliable carrier. The shipping costs are therefore slightly higher. Sent by registered and insured mail.

Tshibola Mutterschaft
Ethnie/ Kultur
Sehr dichtes Laubholz der Familie Uapaca
Es stammt aus der Zeit um 1930 - 1940.
Guter Zustand, mit Gebrauchsspuren
Wird mit Ständer verkauft
37×12×14 cm
0.992 kg
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