Diamant - 2.06 ct - Brillant - D (farblos), HPHT - VVS1

Diamant - 2.06 ct - Brillant - D (farblos), HPHT - VVS1

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GIA Report Number: 2238015667
Shape and Cutting Style: Round Brilliant
Measurements: 8.28 - 8.30 x 5.02 mm
Carat Weight: 2.06 carat
Color Grade: D
Clarity Grade: VVS1
Cut Grade: Excellent
Polish: Excellent
Symmetry: Excellent
Fluorescence: None
Inscription(s): GIA 2238015667,

Comments: Clarity grade is based on internal graining that is not shown.

* This diamond has been treated by one or more processes to change its color.

What is HPHT Treatment?

HPHT stands for high pressure and high temperature.

HPHT treatment is a process which is very similar to nature, putting the diamond back into the environment in which is formed. In short HPHT diamonds are genuine, mined diamonds. They are suitable for diamond buyers who want top color and clarity, at a substantially lower price, with GIA certificates.

***Customs and import fees***

NOTE: Your country of residence may impose additional customs and import fees! please check the laws in your country of residence whether import duties or taxes are applicable. We cannot be held responsible for any charges incurred in importing diamonds to the client's country of residence.

***Belgium, China, Turkey and France Buyers ***

- Belgium buyers - you need to be a bourse members or company owner in Belgium to bid on our diamonds
- china buyers can not buy from us !!!
- Turkey buyers must be bourse member to get diamonds to your country
- France Buyers: FedEx does not release the diamonds from customs - You need to have an External agent to release the parcel from customs

About Us
Stellina Doro Diamonds is a family owned company with 25 years of experience in the enhanced diamond market. We are based in the Israel Diamond Exchange Ltd. (IDE)

We deal with only the highest quality natural diamonds, offering you beautiful diamonds for the best possible price.

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Farbe und Tönung
D (farblos), HPHT
Laser graviert
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