Luca Alinari (Firenze, 27 ottobre 1943 – Firenze, 15 marzo 2019) - L'abbraccio

Luca Alinari (Firenze, 27 ottobre 1943 – Firenze, 15 marzo 2019) - L'abbraccio
Öl und Mischtechnik auf Karton - Signiert - Einzelstück - 2000

Luca Alinari was born on 27th October 1943 in Florence, in the surrounding area, in Rignano sull’Arno.
After attending the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy, at the beginning of his career he was involved in literary critique; he was editor of magazines and reviewer of narrative texts.
For several years he worked in the field of written and television communication, and in 1979 he founded and directed the art magazine ‘Signorina Rosina’ while living actively within the intellectual and artistic world.
His first personal exhibition dates back to 1969 in Florence, and since then Luca Alinari is considered an intellectual, very active in the Italian cultural scene, who is interested not only in figurative arts, but a character who has given his contribution to happenings (where art is not the only theme covered) and to numerous avant-garde theatre pieces.
His experiments anticipated the insights and ideas of a lot of Italian painting developed at the turn of the seventies and eighties, such as the movement ‘Nuovi-Nuovi’ and the ‘Transavantgarde’.
After experiences in graphics and other forms of artistic expression, in the eighties he came to the suggestive and fantastic formulation of imaginary landscapes.
Luca Alinari soon became one of the most significant authors of contemporary art, the point of connection between the post-Pop Art generation of the 1970s and 1980s and the neo-figurative experimentations of the 1990s.
His first stylistic references are in fact linked to the current ‘Neo-Dada’, in adhesion to which he uses the most diverse techniques; drawing with the use of fluorescent colours, decal, collage, photographic transpositions.
Over the years Luca Alinari has painted on the most varied materials, ranging from fresco to plexiglass, from wood to coloured fabric that, fixed on the canvas, allows the artist to obtain very personal chromatism.
His artistic vein has also covered Murano glass sculptures, works very intense in both form and colour.
At this point famous and renowned artist, Luca Alinari was invited to major artistic events: in 1982 he participated in ‘Arti Visive '82’, at the Venice Biennale; in 1986 he participated in the XI Rome Quadriennale.
In 1990, had the honour of painting the ‘Cencio’ for the Palio di Siena.
In 1999, the Museo degli Uffizi acquires an artist’s self-portrait to be included in the famous collection of self-portraits located in the Corridoio del Vasari in Florence.
His works, which constitute the fantastic and fascinating diary of the events of our time, are expressed through a remarkable figurative precision, linked to the observation of nature, the evolution of the seasons, the colours of the sky, the colours of the leaves, the gestures of people.

Certificate of authenticity and origin issued by the Spazio Arte gallery (Florence).

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Luca Alinari (Firenze, 27 ottobre 1943 – Firenze, 15 marzo 2019)
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Öl und Mischtechnik auf Karton
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