Dekoratives Objekt - Koppel klassieke autohoorns / klaxons - 1980

Dekoratives Objekt - Koppel klassieke autohoorns / klaxons - 1980
2 Objekte - Wie neu - 15×5×41 cm - Kupfer

A small collection of 3 antique car horns. The horns are made of coper/brass and the bellows/handles are made of rubber The dimensions of these items are about:

Height: (+-) 15 cm
Width: (+-) 41 cm

This lot will be carefully packaged and sent by registered mail. The charged shipping costs include the costs of shipping, packaging and handling. These are final as charged. The lot may also be collected, in which case the shipping costs will be fully reimbursed. In the unfortunate event that your lot arrives damaged, we will look for an appropriate solution. If available, a replacement item will be shipped. If not, you will receive a refund. To qualify for this solution, we ask you to report damage to stb-art within four days after receiving your package. If we receive this message any later, we will not be able to submit a claim to the insurance company.

Art des Objekts
Dekoratives Objekt
Qualität (Automobilia)
Modell/ Titel
Koppel klassieke autohoorns / klaxons
Wie neu
15×5×41 cm
Jahr (jüngstes Objekt)
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