JEAN PAUL GAUTIER | Mode | Stoff | Fangio 344202

JEAN PAUL GAUTIER | Mode | Stoff | Fangio 344202
Frankreich - 2000 - bis heute - Bedruckter Samt aus 100% Baumwolle


Fabric | JEAN PAUL GAUTIER | Fashion | Fangio 344202
France - 2000-Present - 100% cotton printed velvet

Dimensions 145 x 110 cm
Dry Clean.
Tips for use: this fabric could be used to create different products like 3 pillows, a pouf, to cover the headboard of the bed.

The Parisian fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier was deeply attached to his city, which provided the backdrop to his inspirations, when he established his own business in 1982.
Haute couture and interior design have come together and creative teams and craftmanship of Lelievre and the talent of Jean Paul Gaultier, successfully transposed the typical stylish universe of the designer into interior decorations.

Price for fabric: 210 euro MT/L

Professional packaging, sent by express courier.

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JEAN PAUL GAUTIER | Mode | Stoff | Fangio 344202
Bedruckter Samt aus 100% Baumwolle
Geschätzter Zeitraum
2000 - bis heute
Wie neu - unbenutzt
110×145×1 cm
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