Hettier & Vincent - Art Deco chandelier Deckenlampe

Hettier & Vincent - Art Deco chandelier Deckenlampe
ca. 1925-1930 Frankreich

A stunning French 1925-1930 art deco chandelier by Hettier & Vincent in nickel plated bronze. The fixture holds six rare shades in moulded-pressed glass. It's a beautiful model produced for H&V by Holophane (verreries des Hanots and Verlys). Hettier & Vincent was a well-known French lighting company. With a high quality finish of their lamp fixtures their chandeliers are now much sought after items. They produced lamps for the top end of the market and had their shop at the prestigeous and beautiful Place de Vosges in Paris - the groundfloor of number 7.
The chandelier has a height of 79 cm and it's 60 cm wide. On request I can remove a part of the chain and reduce the drop some 5cm. The chandelier is in excellent condition. I have renickeled and patinated the fixture and it comes rewired. It holds six european E14 sockets. For the US or Japan I will place American candelabra base ones.
The signature on this model shades is very close to the hole for the socket. When the shades came out of the mould these socket holes were grinded into shape and often the signature got lost or only traces of it remained visible (see last picture). The six shades are in very good condition. In general glasses made by verreries des Hanots often show irregularities like very small hairlines or air bubbles due to the production proces.

Safe packaging guaranteed : As specialized restorer of French art Deco lighting I sell my lamps online for a fraction of the prices art deco shops sell for. For over 20 years I ship my parcels worldwide with the precious items well protected and fully insured.

Hettier & Vincent - Art Deco chandelier Deckenlampe
ca. 1925-1930 Frankreich
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