Doors - Hello I Love You - Presented to The Doors - Offizieller RIAA-Award - 1979/1979

Doors - Hello I Love You - Presented to The Doors - Offizieller RIAA-Award - 1979/1979
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"Hello, I Love You" is a song written by Jim Morrison of the American rock band the Doors from their album Waiting for the Sun. It was released as a single that same year, reaching number one in the United States and selling over a million copies in the U.S. alone. In Canada, it hit number one as well. The single also became the band's first big UK hit, peaking at number fifteen on the chart.

Sometimes the title is listed as "Hello, I Love You (Won't You Tell Me Your Name?)" or "Hello, I Love You, Won't You Tell Me Your Name?" The title that is printed depends on how early the pressing is.

At the time the single was released, stereo 45 rpm records were generally unknown — especially in the Top 40 format. This recording by the Doors was promoted as the first rock 45 rpm record in stereo. It includes a long musical sweep about 1:20 into the song, starting at the left channel and panning across into the right channel, in a very ostentatious demonstration of stereo effect. This release, along with the Rascals' hit song, "A Beautiful Morning," are credited with initiating the industry changeover to stereo recordings as the norm for 45 rpm singles.

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Hello I Love You - Presented to The Doors
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