by or after Jacques Callot - Miseres de Guerre 2 Prints: Plates 2 & 12

by or after Jacques Callot - Miseres de Guerre 2 Prints: Plates 2 & 12
Radierung - Nicht signiert - ca 1624-1670

From Callot’s Les Grandes Miseres de la Guerre

Plate 2 Recruitment of Troops – not numbered

Plate 12 The Firing Squad.

Each has 3 columns of verses in French

These two prints differ in many details from the large number of museum impressions viewable online. Most have the imprint of Israel Henriett.

These two are very likely either from a worn or reworked plate from Callot/Henriett, or are copies.

The lack of detail in the sky in Plate 12, quite closely resembles the Art Institute of Chicago print made by Gerrit Lucasz van Schagen (Dutch, born 1642) Reference Number:1919.2505. However, Plate 2 is significantly different from that made by Lucasz

Condition: Fair impressions. Some foxing, stains and age-related colouring. Plate 12 has a 4cm crease or tear at the top , to the right of the centre

On laid paper, probably printed before 1700

Reference: Lieure 1927 1340 & 1350 (copies?)

Jacques Callot, 1592-1635 was a printmaker of mostly etchings, born & died in Nancy, who worked in Florence, Paris and Nancy. He developed innovations in etchings, and was a recognized master. He made more than 1,400 etchings that chronicled the life of his period, featuring soldiers, clowns, drunkards, Gypsies, beggars, as well as court life. Famous for his series on the “Miseries of War” and for small prints with much detail.

by or after Jacques Callot
Titel des Kunstwerks
Miseres de Guerre 2 Prints: Plates 2 & 12
ca 1624-1670
Nicht signiert
Siehe Beschreibung
Verkauf mit Rahmen
18.5×8.1 cm
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