Autogrammierte Dankeskarte für Enzo Ferrari - Ferrari - 1985

Autogrammierte Dankeskarte für Enzo Ferrari - Ferrari - 1985
1 Objekte - Wie neu - 0×10.5×16 cm - Papier

Thank you card handwritten by Enzo Ferrari.

When I was a boy, because I was a big fan of cars and engines, I read an Enzo Ferrari’s autobiography, if I remember well written by Enzo Biagi, and I discovered that the engineer loved to receive thoughts and letters from Ferrari fans and admirers of his cars. This motivated me to write to him and I was very surprised when, unexpectedly, I received his reply. Since then, and unfortunately for the few years he survived, on the occasion of Christmas and his birthday in February, I got into the habit of sending him a greeting card, to which he responded with his thanks. Over the years I preserved these cards with the idea of one day being able to give them to a son, nephew or friend who had shown me that he had a passion for Ferrari that led me to write to the engineer at the time. That didn’t happen, however, therefore I decided to offer one of these cards on Catawiki, in order to give some fans the chance to have an original and valuable memory of the engineer Ferrari. No reserve price, available to everyone.
Its originality is guaranteed! My name and old address are on the envelope, and the postmarks bear witness to its age. Happy bidding!

Autogrammierte Dankeskarte für Enzo Ferrari
Wie neu
0×10.5×16 cm
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