Jacques Callot ( 1592-1632 ) - Two women in rags - Original

Jacques Callot ( 1592-1632 ) - Two women in rags - Original
Radierung - Nicht signiert - Ca. 1622

Les Gueux / Les Mendiants
One of his most known series. A masterwork etched by Callot in Nancy. He expressed beautifully the physiognomy of these unfortunate people whose misery does not stop instincts, and whose faces reflect both fatigue and sufrance, envy and anger.

Excellent impression of the second state with the number.
On laid paper, trimmed on plate border.
With two corners tipped on a support sheet.

Two women in rags, with the one on the left holding out a spoon to her companion, who holds a small cup in her hands; on white ground;
original Callot etching, no copy.

Lieure 1927 486 II / II
Guaranteed original.

Jacques Callot ( 1592 - 1635)
Etcher and draughtsman, born Nancy. 1608-1611 in Rome; 1612-1621 in Florence, working for the Medici; in 1621 returned to Nancy, where he settled and married. Died suddenly in 1635. Enormously popular and much copied. From c. 1620 most of his plates were published by his friend Israel Henriet. Bibliography: Jules Lieure, 'Jacques Callot, catalogue de son oeuvre gravé', 3 vols, Paris 1924-7

Jacques Callot ( 1592-1632 )
Titel des Kunstwerks
Two women in rags - Original
Ca. 1622
Nicht signiert
In gutem Zustand
Angeboten mit Rahmen
136×87 mm
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