A.F. van Noort ( 1953) - Beach view

A.F. van Noort ( 1953) - Beach view
Öl auf Hartfaserplatte - Signiert - 1953

Called Arie-Kees, was born in Bennebroek on March 8 1914. After his school time in 1928 he took part in the painting company of his father. In the evenings he attended drawing and painting lessons of the eccentric Haarlem painter Henri Fréderic Boot who also under his teaching mastery brought great artists like Kees Verwey and Anton Heijboer to development. During the day Van Noort worked as house painter and in the evenings he painted in his room.
Although beach view and, to a somewhat lesser degree, flower fields formed the main part of his work, he also painted city scapes, landscapes and still lifes. He preferred going out with his donkey and painters box to capture his world ‘en plein air’. In 1942, he was adopted as a member of the society "Kunst zij ons Doel”.
Exhibitions in Basel, Knokke, Geneva and Paris. A.C van Noort is seen as the last representative of the Hague School or as impressionist painter in French line. Unfortunately, A.C. van Noort died on 29 June 2003.
Nice work of this beloved painter. Oil paint on wooden panel.
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A.F. van Noort ( 1953)
Titel des Kunstwerks
Beach view
Öl auf Hartfaserplatte
In gutem Zustand
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