18 kt Weißes Gold - 8.5 x 9 mm Tahiti-Perlen - Halskette

18 kt Weißes Gold - 8.5 x 9 mm Tahiti-Perlen - Halskette
Größe: L 98cm - Gesamtgewicht: 2 g

This pearl necklace is unique for its beautiful vibrant rainbow of colours !

Emerging from the tropical lagoons of French Polynesia, these pearls display a rainbow of natural tahiti colours , from peacock green to silvery grey and golden orange.

The 102 pearls are nicely round with a rich luxurious luster and measure between 8.5x9mm

At a length of 98cm, this necklace can be worn as a long rope necklace or wrapped around the neck twice, creating a double strand effect.

Pearl information:
- Type / Origin: Tahiti / French Polynesia
- Oyster: Pinctada Margaritifera
- Color: beautiful array of colours
- Shape: Round
- Surface: Clean and smooth
- Luster: High luster - Beautiful shine
- Size: 8.5x9mm

Clasp Information:
Individually knotted between each pearl for safety, the necklace is completed with an 18K White Gold ball clasp which is easy to open/close (tongue system).

Packaging: Necklace Jewellery box and an Authenticity Certificate to guarantee the source and quality of the pearls.

Insured track and trace delivery.

Weißes Gold - 8.5 x 9 mm Tahiti-Perlen
Feingehalt des Materials
18 kt
L 98cm
2 g
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