14 kt. Gold - Baltischer Bernstein Anhänger mit Insekteneinschlüssen

14 kt. Gold - Baltischer Bernstein Anhänger mit Insekteneinschlüssen
Größe: 63 mm x 21 mm - Gesamtgewicht: 10 g

Large and most beautiful piece contains a very rare fauna and flora mixture of inclusions, where the amber forest tells an exciting story from approx. 50 million years ago: In this magnificent, clear amber, we discover a very rare example of the Fly (Diptera) and Mosquito inclusions and some small plants inclusions.
This pendant has few peacock eyes feather effect - can change the colour, see the photos (the central side of the pendant).

Total weight: 10 gram
Length: 63 mm (51 mm without frame) x 21 mm
Metal: 14 kt. gold/ 585 gold
For sell without chain

Treatment: none. Amber is not pressed or any kind modified, completely natural piece.
Condition: as on the picture (good, some visible cracks on the pendant)

Please note: due to monitor differences, actual colours may vary slightly from what appears online.

Shipping: This lot is shipped by registered post with a tracking-number. We aim to ship same day, but may take up to 3 days. Delivery speed varies depending on your country. Our estimate is 15-40 days, but a lot depends on processing rules of recipient's country( Italy and Germany may take between 30-45 days).

Baltischer Bernstein Anhänger mit Insekteneinschlüssen
14 kt. Gold
63 mm x 21 mm
10 g
Guter Zustand - mit Gebrauchsspuren
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