Die Niederlande - Dukaat 1913 Wilhelmina - Gold

Die Niederlande - Dukaat 1913 Wilhelmina - Gold
SS (sehr schön)

The Netherlands, gold ducat 1913. Gold.
The obverse of the single ducat 1913 Wilhelmina has a depiction of a standing knight facing right with a sword and sheaf of arrows, surrounded by the following text: CONCORDIA RES PARVAE CRESCUNT. On the reverse side is a decorated square with the text MO.AUR.REG.BELGII AG LEGEM IMPERII.

Please view the images to form your own impression. (50-3816)
ex montage - solder residue

Geografische Herkunft
Die Niederlande
Nennwert 2
Dukaat 1913 Wilhelmina
SS (sehr schön)
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