Dark Purple Amber - Große Perlen - Armband

Dark Purple Amber - Große Perlen - Armband
Größe: bracelet: diameter 7cm - Gesamtgewicht: 48 g

I offer a bracelet made of Red-Dark Purple, Color Changing Amber.
The amber I sell here changes color according to the amount of UV-light and the angle from where you watch. With an electric light turned on (and no sunlight present), the Amber shows it's yellow/orange/brown color. This i not so special, it's the standard color of Amber all over the world. But under the sunlight or UV-lamp something special happens when you looks from the right angle: the Amber turns Dark Purple. Standard Amber will not change color and stay yellow/orange in sun or electric light.

More about the origins of the color changing Amber in this jewel:
The Amber i offer is from Sumatra, Indonesia. It comes from resins that were produced by the extinct tree species Hymenaea Protera, which lived approximately 30 million years ago. The items we sell here are all untreated and 100% natural.


18mm per bead,
total size of bracelet: 7cm (the bracelet has an elastic band, so it will fit everyone)
weight: 48 gram

The bracelet was custom made for our company. You can not find it in any shop.
These jewels are 100% handmade and designed by a craftsman. They are not pressed and 100% natural.

As you can see in the pictures, the Amber was tested:
-The pieces were introduced into sweet and salt water. The stone floats in salt water and sinks in sweet water.
-Under the influence of the sun or UV-light, our Amber turns Dark Purple.
Both are indications of real Sumatra color changing Amber.
Stones of lower quality would be less transparent, sink in saltwater and stay orange/yellow under sunlight

We'll send with registered mail and track-and trace number

Dark Purple Amber - Große Perlen
bracelet: diameter 7cm
48 g
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