Henk Wolvers - große unica Vase - 2000 - Porzellan

Henk Wolvers - große unica Vase - 2000 - Porzellan
Niederlande - 2000

This exclusive square vase is made with the use of extremely thin, painted porcelain wafers.

The upper edge has an erratic slate-coloured ‘wafer’ made of various strips in grey-white colours. A whimsical hole in the centre. The ‘wafer’ is supported by four stretched triangular strips in the corners of the white vase with a wave pattern.

This working method was applied by the internationally renowned ceramist Henk Wolvers. The vase is partly matte, partly glossy glazed. Signed with a monogram and dated ‘HW-0-’.

It is approx. 36 cm tall. The ‘wafer’ on the top is approx. 15 x 15 cm.
The vase is fully intact and should be picked-up or delivered after appointment due to its vulnerability. If this isn’t possible, the vase will be shipped thoroughly packaged.

große unica Vase - 2000
Designer/ Künstler
Henk Wolvers
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