Gold - Halskette

Gold - Halskette
Größe: Korste snoer 42 cm langste 54,5 cm - Gesamtgewicht: 207 g

100% genuine antique precious coral necklace, 5 strands.
Large gold clasp. With small pieces of precious coral.
Original. Precious coral from the Mediterranean Sea (corallium rubrum).
Beautiful gold clasp. Beautiful for its age.
The side parts are varnished on the back, for solidity.

The diameter, thickness and size of the precious coral is: 7-8 mm
Uniform precious corals, necklace weight: 207 grams.
Shortest strand: 42 cm, longest strand: 54.5. Clasp length: 7 cm x 4.3 cm.

Fully tested for authenticity. Guaranteed to be 100% genuine precious coral.

The colour in the photos may differ slightly due to lighting.
So the photos may be slightly darker or lighter.

Not dyed. No bamboo, 100% genuine precious coral.

The necklace will be sent with a clear description and with a certificate.

Both the necklace and the large clasp are in truly excellent condition.
Newly strung on original, Orange silk thread.

A beautiful necklace. For those who love genuine, old precious coral. 100% genuine precious coral is truly becoming very rare.

Will be packaged very well and sent by registered, 100% insured post.
Customs clearance can cause delays, due to the security for registered mail.
All customs and import duties, taxes and other levies are the buyer's responsibility.

Korste snoer 42 cm langste 54,5 cm
207 g
Exzellenter Zustand - kaum getragen mit minimalen Gebrauchsspuren
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