BURMA – MANDALAY PERIOD (1853-1948) / WOOD / 19th Century - C. 1875

BURMA – MANDALAY PERIOD (1853-1948) / WOOD / 19th Century - C. 1875

Carved wooden pediment depicting a Kinnari, openwork design with polychrome decoration of chrysanthemum flowers.
Symbol of the Karenni states in Burma, the Kinnari and Kinnara are mythical creatures who are supposed to live in the Himala and who appeared in Burma with the spread of Buddhism.
Figures half human and half birds, they play a role in Hindu mythology and are mentioned in several Buddhist texts.
Their dual body status allows them to fly between the two worlds (human and mystical).


19th Century - C. 1875


Height : 35.43 in(ches)
Width : 35.03 in(ches)
Depth : 1.18 in(ches)

NOTE : Measurement off base


Former Belgian R.Ronveaux collection acquired by the father of the current owner before 1990.
This piece has been offered for sale by Auction Art Rémy le Fur & associés on the sale ARTS D'ASIE from 13/12/2016 See catalog picture

Condition report

Good condition (check pictures)


Rare piece, museum quality


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