Hermès Schal

Hermès Schal
Blau, Gold - Seide

excellent vintage condition!!
HERMES silk scarf "Cliquetis" by Abadie 1972 Vintage Hermes Scarf.
Looking at the scarf, I can almost hear the clatter these swords and sabers might make strung together the way Madame Abadie did on her carre. The difference between a saber and a sword you ask?

At least the way I understand it is that a sword is a very old weapon dating back to sometime BC, it is straight and designed to thrust. A saber, on the other hand, is a much more modern invention, think 18th century France. It is typically curved, sports a larger handguard and its curved blade was designed to primarily slice.

The saber became extremely important during Napoleon’s Empire and almost every soldier had one. The saber played a huge role in many of his battles including Waterloo.
This specific scarf has particularly detailed designs, a truly elegant carré, in weighty silk. With the designer's signature (see photo), J. Abadie, which makes it a collector's item.
Old C copyright 1972 COLLECTOR, is present
100% silk, blue, white, gold.

The photos are part of the description; please have a look at them before bidding.

Blau, Gold
Hergestellt in
Ausgezeichneter Zustand, kaum benutzt mit minimalen Gebrauchsspuren
1970er Jahre
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