Alexandrit 1,32ct

Alexandrit 1,32ct
IGE Certified oval cut


Certificate number: 913618710711 
Type: Chrysoberyl 
Variety: Natural alexandrite 
Colour: Green to yellowish green 
Colour grade: G (14) 4/2 – gY (9) 4/1 
Clarity: Abundant inclusions 
Treatment: Oil 
Origin: Sri Lanka 
Carat weight: 1.32 ct 
Measurements: 7.10 x 5.30 x 4.31 mm 

- All gemstones are sent with a certificate 
- The origins are not certified by a laboratory
- there are inclusions in the photos that are not actually visible to the naked eye. 
- The colours may look different depending on your screen settings.

Country of origin is just my opinion.

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