Dekoration - Louis Vuitton - 1920-1920 (1 Objekte)

Dekoration - Louis Vuitton - 1920-1920 (1 Objekte)
Benutzt - 83 x 40 x 18 - Leder

Louis Vuitton car case.
Made in Paris in 1920.
This case was used as a travel accessory by the “happy few” in Europe, who at the time already owned a car and were able to travel with their vehicles.
Very exclusive and Bon Chic Bon Genre (BCBG).

Louis Vuitton cases from this period of time are very valuable, rare and a real collector’s items. In a Dutch television program on art and antiques, a similar case was recently bought by an antiques dealer from Nijmegen (the Netherlands) for a price of 2200 euros.

The case nearly weighs 5 kg.
Dimensions: 81 cm. x 48 cm. x 21 cm.
In good used condition, not restored.

You are bidding on a unique and original travel case from the most luxurious French case brand: Louis Vuitton.
Louis Vuitton.still makes, since1859, beautiful bags and cases which are desired all around the world.

This case has the Louis Vuitton logo on the locks and on the screw caps, 24 in total!
This antique travel case is also very suitable as a travel accessory on the back of a sports car.

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Louis Vuitton
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