Rare "Praktina IIA" (1958) Only 24848 pieces are produced. + "FED-4" (1967) USSR

Rare "Praktina IIA" (1958) Only 24848 pieces are produced. + "FED-4" (1967) USSR
"FED-4" - Ideal condition!! Fully operable !! "Praktina IIA"-The appearance is charming. Shutter and shutter speeds work perfectly.There is no lens.

"Praktina IIA"

TThe Praktina was the first professional 35mm SLR system camera. It was made in the fifties by VEB Kamera-Werke Niedersedlitz (KW) in East Germany, at a time when SLR cameras were still fighting for the leadership held back then by rangefinders.

The Praktina and its accessories were innovative and ahead of their time. They defined the path to be followed by other later SLR systems, such as Nikon's. It may be argued that the earlier Exakta also offered a professional SLR system, but the Praktina went further and its features defined the modern SLR professional system: a modular camera with interchangeable finders and screens, a quick to use lens mount, a wide range of high quality lenses, motor drives, bulk film backs and lots of accessories to meet the photographer's highest requirements. The Praktina, however, never had an instant-return mirror.

There are basically two versions: the Praktina FX (1953-1958) and the Praktina IIA (1958-1960), the main difference being how the diaphragm opens at full aperture. Only prototypes bore just the name "Praktina".

Producer Association "FED", Kharkov.
Year of manufacture 1964-1980.
Type Rangefinder camera.
Photographic material Film type 135.
The frame size is 24 × 36 mm.
The type of shutter is curtain-slit, with exposures from 1 second to 1/500 s, and "B".
The lens "Industar-61" 2.8 / 53
"Industar-61L / D" 2.8 / 53
Lens mount Threaded connection M39 × 1 / 28,8.
Focusing Manual, using a rangefinder with a base of 41 mm.

Mechanik Kamera Werkstätten VEB Niedersedlitz
Sehr gut mit nur wenigen Gebrauchsspuren
Linsenfassung Typ
Screw M39
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