Klassieke - Clarion (MW/FM) - 1975

Klassieke - Clarion (MW/FM) - 1975
gut - 16cm x 12cm x 5,5cm

This vintage Clarion RN-311L is a good MW/FM car radio made in Japan, probably from the mid 1970s. What is special about this Clarion is the limited amount of space required for mounting the radio (only 12 cm deep) and the option to mount it as a substructure. Therefore, it is suitable for virtually every brand of 12v classic car. The front and channel search screen has a nostalgic look but it’s not original (former Blaupunkt). The channel search knob is located at the LEFT and the RIGHT knob controls on/off/volume with tone control behind it. The Clarion has been tested and works excellently, with good reception and playback on both MW as well as on FM. This Clarion has a secured power cable. With the right speaker, you can listen to excellent sounding music in your classic car! The Clarion will be properly packaged and shipped by registered and insured mail.

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Clarion (MW/FM)
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