Fancy Greenish Yellow (Chameleon Effect) Color Diamond - 0.53 ct

Fancy Greenish Yellow (Chameleon Effect) Color Diamond - 0.53 ct
South Africa - Fancy Cut - with IGI certificate

Natural & Untreated Fancy Color Diamond weighing 0.53 ct with IGI certificate

Gemstone..... Natural Fancy Color Diamond

Stone ID..... R12037

Carat Weight..... 0.53 Carats

Measurements..... 9.45 x 4.04 x 3.03 mm

Shape..... Fancy Cut

Cutting Style..... Faceted

Color..... Natural Fancy Greenish Yellow (Chameleon Effect)

Transparency..... Transparent

Clarity..... VS1 (minute inclusions visible under 10x magnification)

Origin..... South Africa

Treatment..... Not Heated. Not Treated. Not Enhanced.

Certification..... IGI certificate # 279776808 is included (see scan provided)

Comments on IGI Certificate.....IGI certificate states in comments: "Chameleon Effect". Chameleon Diamonds are the rarest and the most sought-after variety of Fancy Color Diamonds. They are the only Natural Fancy Color Diamonds that display a color-change effect.

About our Pictures.....

These pictures are actual pictures of the item taken by macro lens and daylight-balanced lighting. They fairly and accurately depict the actual appearance of the gemstone as seen in person.

About Shipping.....

This item will be securely packaged and shipped by EMS with full insurance.

Natürliche Fancy-Farbe
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